Friday, April 26

7:15 Registration and Continental Breakfast
7:45 Welcome Remarks
Christopher Forrest
7:50 Introduction
Tom Bell and Frank Lista

Session I

Moderator: Wayne Carman

8:00 Fat and stem cells: Current and future applications to aesthetic surgery
Sammy Sliwin
8:30 The Walter J. Peters Lecture
Fat to breast: The science
Dan Del Vecchio
9:00 Breast augmentation with fat grafting: Current technique (Video)
Dan Del Vecchio
9:30 Discussion
9:50 Coffee Break with Exhibitors

Session II: Role of anatomic implants in breast augmentation

Moderator: Frank Lista

10:20 Current approach and experience: Style 410
Julie Khanna
10:40 Current approach and experience: Contour Profile Gel
Claudio DeLorenzi
11:00 Style 410 in subglandular breast augmentation
Jamil Ahmad
11:10 Diagnosis and management of late seroma
Mitchell Brown
11:30 Panel Discussion
Julie Khanna, Claudio DeLorenzi, Jamil Ahmad, Mitchell Brown
11:50 Discussion
12:00 LUNCH

Session III

Moderator: Julie Khanna

1:00 Composite of breast augmentation: Combining fat with implants
Dan Del Vecchio
1:30 Gluteal contouring: Principles and concepts
Ashkan Ghavami
2:00 Current considerations with venous thromboembolism in plastic surgery
W. Bryan Callaghan
2:20 The University of Toronto Aesthetic Lecturer
Technical nuances of gluteal shaping
Ashkan Ghavami
2:50 Discussion
3:10 Lemon juice and optimism bias: How surgeons make mistakes
Frank Lista

Saturday, April 27

7:30 Continental Breakfast

Session IV

Moderator: Jamil Ahmad

8:00 The W.R.N. Lindsay Lecture
Open rhinoplasty
Nazim Cerkes
8:30 Custom tip shaping in primary and secondary rhinoplasty
Ashkan Ghavami
9:00 Achieving a natural dorsum in rhinoplasty
Nazim Cerkes
9:30 Discussion
9:50 Coffee Break with Exhibitors

Session V

Moderator: Tom Bell

10:20 Maintenance of lower eyelid position with lower blepharoplasty surgery
Derek Ford
10:40 Management of the Asian eyelid
Larry Tong
11:00 Facial fat contouring and facial rejuvenation
Ashkan Ghavami
11:30 Synergistic nonsurgical facial rejuvenation
Tim Sproule
11:50 The role of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation in plastic surgery practices
Ryan Neinstein
12:10 Discussion
12:30 LUNCH

Session VI

Moderator: W. Bryan Callaghan

1:30 Treatment of cellulite using a pulsed laser
Sean Rice
1:50 Avoiding complications in large volume transplantation
Dan Del Vecchio
2:20 Correction of crooked nose and septum reconstruction
Nazim Cerkes
2:50 Safe management of the nasal airway
Jamil Ahmad
3:10 Secondary rhinoplasty
Nazim Cerkes
3:40 Discussion

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