Friday, April 24

7:15 Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:15 Welcome Remarks
Christopher R. Forrest
8:20 Introduction
Thomas A. B. Bell and Frank R. Lista

Session I
Moderator: Thomas A. B. Bell

8:25 The W.R.N. Lindsay Lecture
Anatomy based facelift techniques
Sherrell J. Aston
9:10 My approach to facial rejuvenation
H. Steve Byrd
10:10 Discussion
10:25 Coffee Break With Exhibitors

Session II
Moderator: Frank R. Lista

10:45 Correcting platysma deformities
Sherrell J. Aston
11:15 The University of Toronto Aesthetic Lecture
Nonsurgical body contouring – What works and what doesn’t
W. Grant Stevens
11:45 Discussion
12:05 LUNCH

Session III
Moderator: Wayne W. Carman

1:05 Closed rhinoplasty 2015
Sherrell J. Aston
1:35 The Walter J. Peters Lecture
Consistent, unchanging techniques I use in rhinoplasty
H. Steve Byrd
2:20 Evolving concepts in rhinoplasty
Jamil Ahmad
2:50 Mysteries of mastopexy
Frank R. Lista
3:20 Cosmetic practice pearls
W. Grant Stevens
3.50 Discussion
4:10 Cocktails With Exhibitors

Saturday, April 25

7:30 Continental Breakfast

Session IV
Moderator: Jamil Ahmad

8:00 Freestyle facelifts
Foad Nahai
8:40 Nonsurgical facial rejuvenation: The Icing on the Cake
W. Grant Stevens
9:10 Avoidance and management of facelift complications
Foad Nahai
9:50 Discussion
10:10 Coffee Break With Exhibitors

Session V
Moderator: W. Bryan Callaghan

10:30 A simplified approach to gynecomastia
J. Craig Fielding
10:50 Combining breast and abdominal surgery – The mommy makeover
W. Grant Stevens
11:20 Textured breast implants: A Canadian perspective
Nicholas J. Carr
11:40 2015 CSAPS Annual Meeting – Montreal
Nicholas J. Carr
11:45 Discussion
12:05 LUNCH

Session VI
Moderator: Derek T. Ford

1:05 My current approach to lower eyelid rejuvenation
Thomas A. B. Bell
1:30 Is there a blepharoplasty for all seasons?
Foad Nahai
2:10 Infant ear molding with EarWell
H. Steve Byrd
2:40 The University of Toronto Lecture
The role of EBM in aesthetic surgery
Foad Nahai
3:10 Discussion

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