Breast Symposium Program

Thursday April 19, 2012

7:00 Registration and Breakfast
8:00 Welcome Remarks
Dr. Mitch Brown

Session 1 - Reconstructive Breast Surgery
Moderator: Dr. Melinda Musgrave

8:05 Single Stage Latissimus Dorsi/Implant Reconstruction
Dr. Nicholas Guay
8:20 Options for Nipple-Areola Reconstruction
Dr. Brett Beber
8:30 Rapid Perforator Dissection and Selection for DIEP Flaps
Dr. Tom Hayakawa
8:45 Audience Discussion
8:50 Clinical Pearls in Breast Reconstruction
Dr. Dale Collins Vidal
9:10 Surgical Approaches to Lymphedema
Dr. Sarah Wong
9:25 Venous Thromboemobolic Disease in Breast Surgery
Dr. Bryan Callaghan
9:40 Audience Discussion
9:45 Panel: Thromboembolic Disease
Moderator: Dr. Melinda Musgrave
(Drs. Callaghan, Guay, Hayakawa, Collins Vidal)
10:00 Break

Session 2 - Aesthetic Breast Surgery
Moderator: Dr. Laura Snell

10:30 Reviewing Outcomes in Transaxillary Breast Augmentation
Dr. Wayne Carman
10:45 Textured vs. Smooth Implants in Breast Augmentation
Dr. Ron Levine
11:00 Managing Congenital Breast Deformities
Dr. Joy Cluett
11:10 Audience Discussion
11:15 My Approach to Mastopexy-Augmentation
Dr. Julie Khanna
11:30 The Art of the Deal: Aesthetic Breast Consultation and the use of 3D Imaging
Dr. Louis Bucky
11:50 Audience Discussion
12:00 Lunch

Session 3 - Revision Breast Surgery
Moderator: Dr. Kyle Wanzel

1:00 Revision of the Mastoplexy and Mastopexy/Augment Patient
Dr. Elizabeth Hall-Findlay
1:15 My Approach to Revision after Breast Reduction
Dr. Frank Lista
1:30 Revision of the Unsatisfactory Aesthetic Breast
Dr. Mitch Brown
1:50 Audience Discussion
1:55 Revisions in Autologous Breast Reconstruction
Dr. Joan Lipa
2:10 The J. Michael Drever Lecture
Revision of the Alloplastic Reconstruction
Dr. Louis Bucky
2:30 Panel: Revision cases
3pm Break

Session 4 - Special Topics in Breast Surgery
Moderator: Dr. Brett Beber

3:30 The Royal College Lecture
Understanding the Indications and Implications of Radiation Therapy in Breast Reconstruction
Dr. Dale Collins Vidal
3:50 Tissue Expansion in the Radiated Mastectomy Defect
Dr. Amanda Fortin
4:00 Measurements in Breast Surgery
Dr. Elizabeth Hall-Findlay
4:10 Q&A 5 min
4:15 Breast Surgery in MWL Patients
Dr. Jonathan Toy
4:30 Gender Reassignment Surgery for the Breasts
Dr. Cameron Bowman
4:45 Update on ALCL and Breast Implants
Dr. Kyle Wanzel
4:55 Audience Discussion
5:00 Evaluation & Adjournment

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