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Program April 3rd, 2014

7:15 Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:00 Welcome
Dr. Mitchell Brown

Session 1: Techniques in Aesthetic Breast Surgery
Moderator: Brett Beber

8:05 Implant Selection in Aesthetic Breast Surgery
Dr. Peter Lennox
8:20 The ASAPS Visiting Professor Lecture
Capsular Contracture: Current Concepts of Etiology, Management and Prevention
Dr. Louis L. Strock
8:50 Q&A
8:55 Augmentation-Mastopexy - To Stage or not to Stage - That is the Question!
Dr. William P. Adams Jr.
9:25 Nipple and IMF position in Breast Reduction and Mastopexy: How to get it right
Dr. Frank Lista
9:40 Transaxillary Breast Augmentation in the New Implant Era: Should it have a place in your practice
Dr. Nicholas Carr
9:55 Q&A
10:00 Break with Exhibitors

Session 2: Technical Refinements in Breast Reconstruction
Moderator: Toni Zhong

10:30 The Pedicled TRAM flap...
Dr. Christine Tang
10:45 The DIEP flap
Dr. Laura Snell
11:00 The Latissimus Dorsi Flap
Dr. Nicolas Guay
11:15 Pearls for immediate breast reconstruction
Dr. Colleen McCarthy
11:30 Q&A
11:40 Panel: Difficult Cases
12:00 Lunch

Session 3: Current Concepts in Breast Reconstruction
Moderator: Melinda Musgrave

1:00 In your genes: Breast cancer genetics for the plastic surgeon
Aletta Poll
1:10 Implant Selection in Breast Reconstruction
Dr. Joan Lipa
1:20 The J. Michael Drever Annual Lecture
Nipple sparring mastectomy
Dr. Peter Lennox
1:35 Q&A
1:40 Acellular Dermal Matrix in Immediate Tissue Expander and Implant Breast Reconstruction
Dr. Louis L. Strock
2:10 Reconstruction and radiation: the Sloan-Kettering experience
Dr. Colleen McCarthy
2:20 Fat grafting to the radiated mastectomy defect
Dr. John Semple
2:30 Options for Internal Support in Breast Reconstruction
Dr. Mitchell Brown
2:45 Q&A
2:50 Break with Exhibitors

Session 4: Perspectives in Breast Surgery
Moderator: Kyle Wanzel

3:20 U of T Division of Plastic Surgery Best Resident Paper
3:30 Breast surgery in my country: University of Toronto Breast Fellow Report
3:40 Consent Issues in Breast Surgery: Managing the Expectations
Dr. Bryan Callaghan
4:00 Q&A
4:05 Mastopexy without implants
Dr. Julie Khanna
4:15 The University of Toronto Lecture
Revising the Unsatisfactory Breast
Dr. William P Adams Jr.
4:45 An Approach to the Newly Asymmetric Augmented Breast
Dr. Nicholas Carr
4:55 Q&A
5:00 Conclusion, Evaluations and Adjournment

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