Thursday April 23, 2015

7:15 Registration and Breakfast
7:50 Welcoming Remarks
Dr. Mitch Brown

Aesthetic Breast Surgery
Moderator: Dr. Wayne Carman

8:00 Asian breast augmentation
Dr. Colin Hong
8:15 The ASAPS Visiting Professor Lecture
Augmentation mastopexy
Dr. Grant Stevens
8:45 Breast Augmentation: Do you need to re-operate?
Dr. Ronald Levine
8:55 Q&A
9:00 Management of the tuberous breast
Dr. Maurizio Nava
9:20 Transaxillary Breast Augmentation: Can An Operation Change Your Life
Dr. Frank Lista
9:35 Internet Marketing
Dr. Grant Stevens
9:55 Q&A
10:00 Break and visit with exhibitors

Hot Topics in Reduction Mammaplasty
Moderator: Dr. Brett Beber

10:30 The Michael Drever Lecture
Therapeutic mammaplasty in breast conserving surgery
Mr. Douglas Macmillan
11:00 Incorporating a Oncoplastic Approach to Breast Surgery in Canada
Dr. Kirsty Boyd
11:15 Q&A
11:20 Small and moderate breast reductions
Dr. Grant Stevens
11:40 Breast reduction panel: OHIP, Private or Blended: Navigating the Politics
Dr.'s Levine, Brown, Lista, Carman
12:00 Lunch

Reconstructive Breast Surgery
Moderator: Dr. Kyle Wanzel

1:00 Radiation and immediate autologous and implant reconstruction
Mr Douglas Macmillan
1:30 The University of Toronto Lecture
Maximizing aesthetics in reconstructive breast surgery
Dr. Maurizio Nava
1:50 Q&A
1:55 Management of the upper pole in breast reconstruction
Dr. Joan Lipa
2:10 Inverted nipple repair
Dr. Grant Stevens
2:20 Chest wall perforator flaps in breast conserving surgery and reconstruction
Mr. Douglas Macmillan
2:50 Q&A
3:00 Break and visit with exhibitors
3:30 Best Resident Paper
3:35 Visiting Fellow

Fat Grafting in Breast Surgery
Moderator: Dr. Anne O'Neill

3:45 Hybrid breast reconstruction
Dr. Maurizio Nava
4:05 Evolving techniques in optimizing fat injection to the breast
Dr. Mitch Brown
4:20 Q&A
4:25 Breast imaging for the plastic surgeon
Dr. Karina Bukhanov
4:35 Fat grafting from the medicolegal perspective
Dr. Bryan Callaghan
4:50 Q&A
5:00 Evaluations, Conclusion and Adjournment

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