March 30, 2017

0715 Registration & Breakfast
0755 Welcome
Mitchell Brown

Session One – Refinements in Breast Augmentation

Moderator – Kyle Wanzel

0800 The basic science of fat
Dan Delvecchio
0820 University of Toronto Aesthetic Breast Lecture
Dealing with breast and chest wall asymmetries in breast augmentation
Brian Peterson
0840 The benefits (or lack thereof) of textured implants: Breast augmentation with subglandular smooth implants
Jamil Ahmad
0855 Q&A
0900 Breast augmentation with fat grafting alone
Dan Delvecchio
0920 Why I never lower the inframammary fold
Brian Peterson
0935 Management of implant based complications
Steven Jacobson
0955 Q&A
1000 Coffee Break

Session Two – Autogenous Breast Reconstruction

Moderator – Brett Beber

1030 University of Toronto Reconstructive Breast Lecture
Risk and breast reconstruction: Application of the BRAscore
John Kim
Dueling Perspectives: Pedicled versus Free Flap Breast Reconstruction
1050 TRAM flap breast reconstruction: Technique and tips
Mitchell Brown
1105 TRAM flap breast reconstruction: Outcomes and experience with a 23 hour TRAM flap length of stay
John Semple
1115 DIEP flap breast reconstruction: Technique and tips
Joan Lipa
1130 DIEP flap breast reconstruction: Outcomes and experience
Toni Zhong
1140 Panel – Pros and Cons of pedicled versus free flap breast reconstruction
Mitchell Brown, John Semple, Joan Lipa, Toni Zhong, Steven Jacobson, John Kim
1200 Lunch with Exhibitors

Session Three – Alloplastic Breast Reconstruction

Moderator – Glyka Martou

1300 Michael Drever Lecture
Two-stage versus direct to implant immediate breast reconstruction
Steven Jacobson
1330 An algorithmic approach to using ADM in breast reconstruction
John Kim
1350 Q&A
1355 Minimally invasive autologous breast reconstruction in the obese patient
Steven Jacobson
1415 The lumpectomy defect and oncoplastic principles of its reconstruction
Ron Somogyi
1435 Shaped versus round implants in breast reconstruction
John Kim
1455 Q&A
1500 Coffee Break

Session Four - Risk Management and Complications

Moderator – John Semple

1530 ASAPS Visiting Professor Lecture
Complications of fat grafting
Dan Delvecchio
1550 Management and implications of the late seroma
Kyle Wanzel
1605 Q&A
1610 Why the inferior pedicle is “almost” dead
Brian Peterson
1625 Female-to-male gender affirming “top” surgery
Hugh McLean
1640 The journey to safer surgical care: Playing better defence
Brian Callaghan
1655 Q&A
1700 Closing Remarks, Evaluations, Adjournment

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