Thursday, April 2, 2020

Location: King Edward Hotel, Vanity Ballroom
(each presentation will conclude with the opportunity of a Q&A )

0700 Breakfast and registration
0750 Welcoming remarks
Brett Beber

Session 1: Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Moderator: Kyle Wanzel

0800 Instructional Video: Mastopexy Augmentation
Grant Stevens
0830 Malposition Following Breast Augmentation
Mitch Brown
0845 Q&A
0850 Management of Capsular Contracture: Prevention and Intervention
Nicholas Carr
0905 Instructional Video: Reduction Using Inverted-T with Superomedial Pedicle
Maurice Nahabedian
0935 Downsizing the Augmented Breast
Grant Stevens
0950 Q&A
1000 Break with exhibits

Session 2: Finesse in Breast Reconstruction

Moderator: Laura Snell

1030 Reconstructing the Hypertrophic Breast
Stefan Hofer
1045 Prepectoral Breast Reconstruction
Peter Lennox
1100 Preemptive Breast Reduction in Alloplastic Reconstruction
Toni Zhong
1115 Q&A
1125 Revision of the Autologous Breast Reconstruction
Maurice Nahabedian
1140 Revision of the alloplastic breast  reconstruction
Peter Lennox
1155 Q&A
1200 Lunch with exhibits

Session 3: Current Controversies in Breast Implants

Moderator: John Semple

1300 The Use of High-Resolution Ultrasound
Patricia McGuire
1315 Canadian Update on BIA-ALCL
Peter Lennox
1325 Q&A
1330 Counselling the Patient with Textured Implants
Nicholas Carr
1345 Managing the Capsule In Textured Implants
Maurice Nahabedian
1400 Q&A
1405 Breast Implants and Illness
Patricia McGuire
1420 Textured Implant Costs: Who is Responsible?
Brett Beber
1430 Panel Discussion
1500 Break with exhibits

Session 4: Hot Topics in Breast Surgery

1530 Instructional Video: Female to Male Gender Affirming Top Surgery
Patricia McGuire
1600 The Role of Social Media in Plastic Surgery
Grant Stevens
1620 Q&A
1625 The Use of Scaffolds in Plastic Surgery
Maurice Nahabedian
1640 Plastic Surgery and Work/Life Balance: What I Know Now That I Wish I Knew 30 Years Ago
Patricia McGuire
1655 Q&A
1700 Symposium Adjourns