Thursday, April 4, 2019

Location: King Edward Hotel, Vanity Ballroom
(each presentation will conclude with the opportunity of a Q&A )

0715 Breakfast and registration
0800 Welcoming remarks
Brett Beber

Session 1: Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Moderator: Dr. Brett Beber

0805 Mastopexy using Anatomic Principles
Dr. Bruce Mast
0820 The ASAPS Visiting Professor Lecture
Shaping the ptotic breast in MWL patients
Dr. Jeffrey Kenkel
0840 Q&A
0845 Instructional Video: Primary Augmentation Mastopexy
Dr. Mitch Brown
0910 Q&A
0915 Secondary BBA and revision BBA: What I’ve Learned and Use Today
Dr. James Grotting
0935 Q&A
0940 Aesthetic Breast Surgery Cases and Panel
Drs. Bruce Mast, Jeffrey Kenkel, James Grotting, Mitchell Brown
1000 Break with exhibitors

Session 2: Reconstructive Breast Surgery

Moderator: Dr. Joan Lipa

1030 The J. Michael Drever Lecture
Instructional Video: Latissimus Breast Reconstruction: why I love it, how I do it
Dr. Bruce Mast
1050 Q&A
1055 Team building in Reconstructive Breast Surgery
Dr. Tassos Dionisopoulos
1105 Mastectomy for Reconstruction
Dr. Jean-Francois Boileau
1115 Q&A
1125 Instructional Video: Prepectoral Implant Breast Reconstruction
Dr. Tassos Dionisopoulos
1155 Q&A
1200 Lunch with exhibitors

Session 3: Breast Reduction

Moderator: Dr. Kyle Wanzel

1300 Male Breast Reduction – Management of Pseudogynecomastia
Dr. Jeffrey Kenkel
1320 Breast Reduction Made Easy
Dr. Bruce Mast
1335 Q&A
1345 Breast Reduction Using the Vertical Sculpted Pillar Approach – the Nuances
Dr. James Grotting
1405 Experience with SPAIR Reduction and Why I Changed to Medial Pedicle
Dr. Jeffrey Kenkel
1425 Q&A
1435 The University of Toronto Lecture
Oncoplastic Breast reduction: approach and techniques
Dr. Tassos Dionisopoulos
1455 Q&A
1500 Break with exhibitors

Session 4: Hot topics in Breast Surgery

Moderator: Melinda Musgrave

1530 Fat Grafting to the Breast
Dr. Bruce Mast
1545 TRS Top Surgery: The Women’s College Experience
Dr. John Semple
1600 Q&A
1605 How Safe is Aesthetic Breast Surgery
Dr. James Grotting
1620 Pain Management for the Plastic Surgeon in the Era of the Opioid Crisis
Dr. Tania Di Renna
1635 ALCL update
Dr. Mitch Brown
1659 Q&A
1700 Evaluation and Adjournment